Sydney HopkinsFauna, oil on canvas, 18x24"

Andrea Huppert, Afloat, Encaustic, 18x18"

Liz Swanson, Jumping Through, Suspended sculpture: Hula-hoops, construction fencing, distracted

plastics, ribbon and embroidery floss, 52"H x 43.5"W x 3"D.

Loose Threads at MAXgallery
March 17 - April 16, 2016
Artworks by Peggy Fox, Sydney Hopkins, Andrea Huppert, Karen Klinedinst, Cathy Leaycraft, Dan Shapiro, Liz Swanson
About Loose Threads

    Don't miss this exciting new exhibit of The Salonistas latest work.

    The Salonistas started as an art group, meeting monthly to discuss the trials and tribulations in the process of making art.  In time it has developed into a tapestry of friends; artists with diverse individual practices and common goals.  Studio art is a solitary endeavor, so the salon avails us the opportunity to critique each other’s works in progress and to bring up topics for discussion that help us navigate the world beyond the studio walls. We share the progress and successes of each of us as well as offering encouragement through difficult blocks.


"Over time we have formed relationships of trust and comradery. Each of us is a thread in our loosely woven tapestry."

126 N. Madeira Street, Baltimore, MD 21231    

Gallery Hours: 2-6pm | Thursday - Saturday 

and by appointment



Peggy Fox, Particle Wave, Archival pigment print,  35x52"

Dan Shapiro, Still Life at the Farm, Oil on canvas, 11x11"

Cathy Leaycraft, Stormy Night, Photo Encaustic, 24x8"