July 8 - July 30, 2016


Artworks by Schroeder Cherry, Jerome Chester,

Kini Collins, Alexis Dixon, A|Friend, Ronald Rucker, Peter Smith, Val A. Smith, Maxine Taylor.




MAXgallery proudly presents LINE/CROSSERS, the follow-up to last year’s Cross This Line.

Last year’s exhibition was conceived in response to the fact that Baltimore’s vibrant arts scene frequently excludes untrained inner-city artists. The goal was to bring together trained & untrained artists to share their knowledge.  Last year's success has inspired this year's LINE/CROSSERS.

The exhibition features select artists from last year’s show, as well as some new invitees. The installation features both collaborative and individual works by the artists.


In three months we have learned how to be creative as a group, bonded with each other & shifted our creative comfort zones to achieve a new understanding of community. 


This exhibition is part of the Artscape Gallery Network.



"LINE/CROSSERS is a one of a kind experience, that has not only helped me develop as an artist but as an engaged community member."

                                                            -A | Friend


Starting Line- detail shot

Mixed Media

"I have learned so much about thinking outside of the box from seeing all of the different possibilities as we work on the same basic project. It's amazing!"   


Maxine Taylor

"Working in a collective allows one the benefit of feedback on works in progress.  The engagement also helps one to define his/her intentions in artmaking.  On individual pieces, the final decision is up to the artist."   


Schroeder Cherry

Val A. Smith

Oil, cigar box, metal rods 9.5"x15"x10"

"Line/Crossers has been an exciting and rewarding collaborative effort! Working with such established and unique artists has given me great insight into my own evolving artistic practice."

Alexis Dixon