Butchers Hill offers many surprises and MAXgallery is one of them. Imagine turning down a small alley in the middle of the city. Suddenly, nestled among Baltimore style row homes, you come upon a wide-open expanse with a big yard.
Set back off the alley is a modern, spacious, ranch-style building with clean lines and a stone facade. This building would be pleasing if you saw it in California. In the middle of Butchers Hill, it is quite surprising.
This is the live-work space of gallery owner and artist Maxine Taylor. The open floor plan features Taylor’s first floor gallery and a second floor studio/ gallery/ living quarters. The gallery exhibits works by Taylor and other prominent regional artists. 



126 N. Madeira Street, Baltimore, MD 21231    
Gallery Hours:
Friday 4pm - 7pm, Saturday 4pm - 7pm
or call Maxine for appointment
Masks required in gallery